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Fax to Email

Modern day faxing that sends
fax messages straight to your inbox

Get faxes via your mobile, laptop or tablet so you can do business anywhere
Respond faster with a reliable system that instantly emails each message to you
Save money on maintenance, software, hardware, printer paper and ink

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Send your inbound faxes straight to your inbox

Our fax to email feature is simple yet powerful

Fax to Email is the smart, modern-day solution for businesses that use fax services. Inbound faxes go to your Zintel number, and then forwarded to your inbox.

This means you can read faxes on your smartphone, laptop, tablet or any device with email access. It’s the perfect way to use fax services without tying you or your team to an office fax machine. You can check and respond to important documents any time, anywhere.

Need a solution that sends faxes too? We’ve partnered with eFax so you can send and receive faxes via email from any device.

Why use Fax to Email?

No Line Rentals. No Maintenance. No Worries.

Save time

John started saving hours in his working week by accessing faxes via his smartphone rather than having to drop back to the office or ring his secretary for fax updates.

Save money

Julia made huge money savings when she reduced her reliance on the traditional fax in her office.

While still sending the occasional fax, most of her faxes were inbound. So Zintel’s fax-to-email service cut her spend on ink cartridges, paper, maintenance and repairs.

Increase your reach

Matthew travels far more extensively since using Zintel’s Fax to Email service.

Because he now has a virtual, cloud-based solution for inbound faxes he can access his faxes anywhere and is free to meet his wider business and client needs.

How does it work?

Easily send and receive faxes straight from your email

Who uses Fax to Email?

Fax to Email changes the way you send and receive faxes

The Zintel Fax to Email service allowed me to quickly receive my client’s documents as an email using my Zintel number. I don’t need to be in the office any more, waiting for signed tenancy agreements to arrive on the fax machine. I can easily receive new contracts while I am on the road, waiting for my next client.

Eliza Zintel Customer

Zintel Customer Case Study

Eliza has started her own real estate agency, and she’s busy meeting new clients, showing residential properties and managing all the follow-ups. As she’s just starting out in business, time management is important to her. Eliza doesn’t want to have to come back to the office just to send or receive faxes. The Zintel Fax to Email service allows her to ditch her old fax machine, save costs and better manage documents.

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Compatibility with inbound numbers

Available with

0508 Numbers

An 0508 number gives your business a greater competitive edge, enabling your customers to call you toll-free.

Available with

0800 Numbers

An 0800 number gives your business a greater competitive edge, enabling your customers to call you toll-free.

Available with

Word Numbers

Word Numbers are 0800 numbers and 0508 numbers followed by a word, such as ‘0800 zintel’ or ‘0508 service’.

Available with

Local Virtual Numbers

Local numbers allow you to tailor your phone number for different geographic locations, so you appear as a local wherever you advertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a customer sends me a fax?

You customers fax is converted into a PDF and sent to the email address or address linked with your eVoice Fax to Email service.

Can I send Faxes using the Zintel service?

No, you cannot send faxes via the Zintel service. If you are looking to send and receive faxes we recommend you get connected with eFax.

Can the faxes I received be sent to multiple e-mails addresses?

Yes, your faxes can be sent to up to 5 email addresses.

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