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Email to SMS Coming Soon

Send your customers SMS updates and
campaigns straight from your emails

Send bulk SMS marketing campaigns and instantly reach your customers
Perfect for individual appointment and pick-up reminders
Integrate it straight into your existing emails and reminder systems

This feature can’t be purchased online. You will need to send an enquiry.

What is Email to SMS?

The easiest way to text your customers

Email to SMS helps you send SMS messages to your customers straight from your inbox. Set up is easy – we manage it for you.

You tell us your preferred email domain, then we provide you with an email address to where you need to send your emails to. Your message will convert into an SMS and go straight to your customers’ phones every time you use the email we have provided you with.

Quickly send individual reminders, bulk messages and special offers to your database. You don’t need to buy or learn any special software or licences. All you need is email.

Why use Email to SMS?

Send professional SMS campaigns and reminders in minutes

Be more professional

Send work-related SMS messages without using your personal phone. Don’t spend time typing messages on your phone. Send individual and group messages via your email account.

Market your business

Send SMS broadcasts by attaching a spreadsheet of phone numbers to your email. Perfect for marketing special offers and important information.

Stay connected

Add simple reminders your customers won’t miss. Ensure more of your patients or clients turn up to appointments or pick up their orders on time.

How does it work?

Easily send bulk SMS messages straight from your inbox

Who uses Email to SMS?

Businesses that want to communicate via text with their customers

It makes our job easier because we can better manage the doctors’ time and appointments. It also lets us take better care of patients by reminding them of their appointments.

Jane Zintel Customer

Zintel Customer Case Study

Jane manages a busy medical centre. Part of her job involves reminding patients about appointments. It’s important to avoid no-shows, reduce late appointments and keep the doctors on schedule.

So, she uses our Email to SMS feature to send out a reminder 24 hours and 2 hours before each appointment. As a result, the centre has fewer last-minute cancellations, almost zero no-shows and has significantly reduced patient wait times.

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Features Compatibility

Compatibility with inbound numbers

Available with

0508 Number

A 0508 number is more memorable, more professional, and more attractive for prospective customers.

Available with

0800 Number

A 0800 number gives your business a greater competitive edge, enabling your customers to call you toll-free.

Available with

Word Numbers

Word Numbers are 0800 numbers and 0508 numbers followed by a word, such as 0800 zintel or 0508 service.

Available with

Local Virtual Number

Local numbers allow you to tailor your phone number for different geographic locations, so you appear as a local wherever you advertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if a customer replies to my SMS?

We deliver any replies back to your email address so you can manage the conversation in one place.

Can I show my company name instead of a mobile number with each SMS?

Yes. This is called Alpha Masking. We can add it to your service at no extra cost. But please note that your customers won’t be able to reply to these messages.

Can I restrict access to certain team members?

Yes. We can set this feature up so that only selected users can use the service. They’ll need to use a password to view and send messages.

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