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Welcome home Zintel.

We’re here…
and we’re ready.


Bringing Zintel Home

We’re thrilled to be returning to our roots in the next chapter of our story as a leading cloud telecommunications provider in Australia and New Zealand.

As we join the Over the Wire family, we’re looking forward to new opportunities for innovation and collaboration that empower our customers, drive smarter voice solutions and connect you to opportunities all across Australia and New Zealand. In light of our return to ANZ-ownership, we’re reviving the trusted Zintel name to celebrate our history and prepare for a successful future.

Welcome home Zintel! We’re glad to have you back!

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A revitalised logo for a fresh future

We’re excited to introduce our new branding to you now as we bring Zintel back to its roots in ANZ. Inspired by the old Zintel brand, our new logo and colour palette have been revitalised for a modern market and successful future.

Logo Infographic
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Evolution of Zintel

Zintel logo 2000


Zintel logo 2003



Launch 2020

New Logo

Business in Motion

We’ve been keeping businesses in motion for 25 years and we’re committed to empowering our customers to continue growing fearlessly for years to come.

Our new brand identity is built on this, inspired by the old Zintel brand but revitalised for a modern market and successful future.

The Gyroscope

As well as a Z, the icon represents a gyroscope, symbolising Zintel’s constant evolution towards greater innovation, intelligence and connectivity.

As a gyroscope is also a complex and highly technical piece of equipment, masked by a simple exterior, so is the Zintel product offering: advanced technology simplifying complex connections.

Powerful Simplicity

The gyroscope not only perfectly illustrates the OTW mantra of empowering businesses by simplifying technology, but also symbolises the way Zintel’s in-built intelligence enables smarter conversations through simpler connections.

The story so far

The Smarter Answer. The Smarter Way.

At Zintel we seamlessly connect people: Zintel’s intelligent range of tools connect customers to the right people at the right time – to enable meaningful conversations at scale.

The powerful performance of our proven platform delivers insight-driven workflow optimisation, operational efficiency and dynamic workforce management. This empowers leaders to uncover opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

We also offer the most advanced customer experience, delivering high reliability backed by Tier 1 networks, and continuous innovation that will continue driving value and enabling smarter customer decisions.

Zintel is your partner in long-term, sustainable results. Whether you simply want a credible, reliable inbound number or you need intelligent call-routing systems to manage large, complex inbound (and soon – outbound) campaigns, think Zintel.

Becoming Zintel

25 years in the making

Inspired by Our Past. Driven by Our Future.

Founded more than 25 years ago in New Zealand, Zintel is a trusted name in the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) telecommunications scene. From a 5-person business introducing ‘word phone numbers’ into the NZ market to joining with billion-dollar company, J2 Global, we’ve demonstrated years of consistent growth and innovation in the telco industry.

Now part of the Australian owned and ASX listed Over the Wire family, we’re proud to bring the Zintel name back home to ANZ. With local knowledge and support, we’re looking forward to the next 25 years of providing the solutions that our customers need to be successful as their business grows and changes.

Welcoming Zintel to the
Over the Wire family

Zintel’s acquisition by Over the Wire is an exciting new chapter in both our stories, signifying the convergence of inbound and outbound telephony capabilities into a holistic voice service offering for ANZ businesses.

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Zintel’s powerful platform delivers smarter, more efficient connectivity for your business to enable accelerated growth.
Michael Omeros
Michael Omeros

Managing Director and Group CEO, Over the Wire

Frequently Asked Questions

As we go through the changes, we know you have some questions. Here are some answers to the most common questions we’ve recieved.

The eVoice brand is part of the J2 Global family. With the recent acquisition of our ANZ voice businesses by Over the Wire Holdings Limited (ASX:OTW), the eVoice brand will be retained by J2 Global.

This was an opportunity for us to return to our roots and choose a brand that is strongly aligned with our local heritage, our people and our customers. With 25 years of local presence in ANZ, Zintel was the standout choice to start a fresh chapter in an exciting future with OTW. As we shift to a refreshed yet familiar face, our focus continues to be delivering the smarter connectivity we’re known for.

A lot has changed since Zintel opened its doors a quarter of a century ago. So as we bring Zintel back home, we’ve unveiled an all-new look to mark the new chapter of our constantly evolving brand.

In September 2020, Over the Wire Holdings Limited (ASX:OTW) completed the acquisition of the Australian and New Zealand voice businesses of J2 Global Inc which includes what is now known as Zintel.

OTW, trading since 2007, is an established and trusted provider in the ANZ marketplace that understands local businesses and is focused on providing our powerful platform with even more capability and a broader set of offerings to extend our market leadership further.

With a purpose “to simplify technology to empower business”, it’s clear OTW is the perfect fit for Zintel now and into the future.

This is an exciting new chapter for Zintel customers!

With a broader set of capabilities and solutions, OTW expands on the already market leading inbound capabilities of Zintel. Innovation has always been at the heart of Zintel and OTW will give Zintel the opportunity to grow, advance our products and services and expand benefits to our customers.

On a practical note, the or websites will now redirect to or

Our official organisation name is now Zintel Communications Pty Ltd in Australia and Zintel Communications Ltd in New Zealand. Our existing ABN and IRD number (for New Zealand) remain the same and bank details remain unchanged.

We now have a fresh brand name, logo, and the look and feel of our website and emails have been updated. We’re also working on a brand new Zintel website, which is due to launch in December 2020.

There is no impact on existing agreements or contracts. You will now receive invoices with a Zintel logo.

Right now, nothing has changed.

In the future, look forward to exciting new features and capabilities as OTW allows Zintel to grow and innovate.

There are no changes to the day-to-day operations and service of customer accounts. You can still log in to your accounts and access your information in the same way you’ve always done. You will also be able to access the portal from If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact your account manager or get in touch via in Australia or in New Zealand.

No, everything is consistent across the ANZ region.

The rebrand officially took place on 1 November 2020.

This includes changes to the default company logo, text, and colours within websites, portals and communications to reflect the new Zintel brand. A refreshed website will launch in the coming weeks.

Your account manager won’t change, plus our wider team and our SLAs all remain the same. Zintel will continue to operate in existing offices in Australia and New Zealand with now expanded support network across Australia.

All existing communication channels, including our phone number, physical address and contact email address remain the same and can continue to be used.

The or websites will now redirect to or

If your question hasn’t been answered, please get in touch via in Australia or in New Zealand. You can also reach us by calling 1800 946 835 in Australia and 0800 946 835 in New Zealand.

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