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Missed Call Alert – SMS Coming Soon

Call notifications that help you follow up faster.

Automatically record every missed caller’s phone number, call time and duration
Convenient and instant notifications via SMS
Follow up faster and close more sales with all the information right at your fingertips

What are Missed Call Alerts?

SMS alerts whenever you miss a call

Our call alerts keep you in the loop about any incoming calls you’ve missed. When a caller can’t get through, you’ll get a SMS notification with their details so you can call them back. Whether or not the caller left a voicemail, we’ll send you an alert.

Each alert includes the caller’s phone number, the date and time, and their message (if they left a voicemail).

Why Missed Call Alert?

Every missed call is an opportunity for your business

Information at your fingertips

Our system records every missed, answered, and dropped caller’s phone number, call time and voicemail. There’s no need to whip out your notepad and pen. We record all the information for you.

Convenient and instant alerts

Our missed call alerts include the caller’s phone number, and are delivered via SMS, email or both. With all the details on your preferred platform, tracking calls is simple.

Follow up and close more sales

Your customers expect a speedy response. Our technology helps you deliver. It’s important to follow up all missed calls, as it could affect your revenue.

How does it work?

Get real-time notifications every time you miss a call

Who uses Missed Call Alert?

Businesses that want to quickly follow up missed calls

I’ve streamlined my entire working day now that I can receive SMS and email alerts of any missed calls. I can then schedule some time during the day to follow them up all at once.

Richard Zintel Customer

Zintel Customer Case Study

Richard runs a real estate agency. During peak hours, his agency gets a high volume of incoming calls and enquiries. He’s concerned that his call centre staff aren’t keeping up, but isn’t sure if it’s time to expand the team.

So Richard activated our Missed Call Alert feature. This means that when he’s out of the office, we email him a notification with the details on each unanswered call. Richard uses this feature to follow up any missed calls. It also helps him keep his finger on the pulse. If there are too many missed calls, he plans to hire more staff.

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Features Compatibility

Compatibility with inbound numbers

Available with

0508 Numbers

An 0508 number gives your business a greater competitive edge, enabling your customers to call you toll-free.

Available with

0800 Numbers

An 0800 number gives your business a greater competitive edge, enabling your customers to call you toll-free.

Available with

Word Numbers

Word Numbers are 0800 numbers and 0508 numbers followed by a word, such as ‘0800 zintel’ or ‘0508 service’.

Available with

Local Virtual Numbers

Local numbers allow you to tailor your phone number for different geographic locations, so you appear as a local wherever you advertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only get alerts for calls that I miss?

We can set up Call Alert to trigger for specific call types such as completed, unanswered, abandoned and busy.

Can I get email and SMS alerts?

Yes. You can select whether you’d like email notifications, SMS notifications, or both. Note: These are two different features and are priced separately.

Can I send alerts to more than one person?

Yes. You can enter up to five email addresses or mobile numbers to receive the alerts.

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