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Complex Menu Routing

Connect your customers
with the answers they’re looking for

Empower your customers to find an answer or solution with automated support
Level up your customer service and get your customer to the department they need every time
Get more from your virtual number with customised pre-recorded messages

To use this feature, you will need to have or buy an Zintel number.


What is Menu Routing?

Technology that gives your
customers what they want

Menu Routing provides your callers with a custom greeting and menu options. It helps them find answers or connect to the right department. When callers select a menu item it identifies, segments and routes them to the ideal service for their situation.

Our clients love menu routing because it cuts their costs while improving productivity. But most importantly, their customers are more satisfied with the service. They feel empowered to choose the right options. And it means they get to the right person quicker.

You can choose from Simple Menu Routing with up to three menu items at a single level, and Complex Menu Routing with up to eight menu items across two levels.

Why use Menu Routing?

Improve your customer experience
while boosting productivity

Empower your customers

Give them the tools to find an answer or solution themselves. Sometimes they’ll find the answer they’re looking for without even speaking to your staff. It’s automated customer service that works.

Level up your customer service

Reduce transfers and call wait times by connecting callers to the right person quickly. Faster service means happier customers, and better efficiency means happier staff.

Get more from your virtual number

With a friendly and professional custom pre-recorded message, your brand personality will be clear from the first point of contact.

How does it work? – Complex Menu Routing

Help your customers find what they’re looking for

Who uses Menu Routing?

Let  your customers transfer their call via a simple menu selection

Menu Routing saves us a lot of time, and ensures every customer ends up at the right place faster. It also allows our receptionist to focus on her core duties.

Jon Zintel Customer

Zintel Customer Case Study

Jon runs a battery manufacturing business, and routes callers to their local dealer using Geographic Routing. But this solution only works on landlines. This has kept the company receptionist busy answering mobile calls and manually diverting them to the right dealer.

So the company added our Complex Menu Routing feature. Now every caller can automatically select their location and preferred battery dealer via a complex menu. This cuts wait times for customers calling from mobiles, and frees up the receptionist’s time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many menu options do you offer?

Our Simple Menu Routing includes up to 3 menu options at a single level. Our Complex Menu Routing includes up to 8 menu options across two levels.

Does the menu repeat if the caller doesn't select an option?

The menu will be repeated once. If the caller does not make a selection, the call can be redirected to another answer point or sent to VoiceMail.

Can I send callers to head office if they don't select an option?

Yes, you can set your Menu Routing to automatically redirect to head office if your caller doesn’t make a selection.

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